Product Care


Each parallette is hand crafted from locally sourced, original Tasmanian Oak. Because of the natural aspect of wood, each piece is unique and may come with markings that are representative of natural timber. We are proud to utilise natural resources from our backyards with minimal waste, to produce a structurally strong and functional piece of equipment.

Inspect product before use. If there are any defects on the parallettes contact us before use at If everything is in tact, parallettes are ready to use out of the box. DO NOT stain the bar with any product unless you know how that stain behaves/smells when it comes in contact with sweaty hands. We’ve lightly stained the timber bar intentionally to maintain a balance between grip and durability.

Parallettes come with a 12 month warranty and money back guarantee. Although we drive over our parallettes in our durability tests, (and they hold up just fine) we wont be refunding any ‘lettes that have been treated like roadkill. Normal wear and tear is void, but major structural defects will be replaced or repaired at our cost. Any modifications made to the parallettes will void all warranty.

Parallettes can be dangerous if used without experience and physical capability. deckyoga will not be held responsible for any injury or death related to use of these parallettes.


Clothes are ready for where out of the packaging. Please follow washing instructions specific to each item.